Have you ever wondered what it would be like when you invite people over for dinner and they offer to help out in the kitchen without it being a huge inconvenience explaining where the knife drawer is or fighting over the one chopping board you own? Well wonder no more!

Welcome in 2016 – the year the Raclette will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Now if you’ve never heard of a raclette, why the hell would you have? Neither did I until about 2 weeks ago. So here is one I made earlier…



So essentially you enslave all of your guests to cook their own food at the table, so any little food poisoning mishaps will lie solely on them! Magic!

In the above raclette excursion, me and Jack compiled some fresh (packaged, pre-cut) veggies, chorizo sausage cut up into little mouth sized portions and halloumi. YUM!

I mean really you can just throw any old junk on it that is generally improved by heating it up, but this is just some not-gone-off stuff we had left in the fridge after Christmas.

I should take this moment to thank Mrs Maynard and Mr Tourle for opening my eyes to the world of the raclette. A wildcard Christmas present I’d say but it’s already proven itself to be part of the family.