Jam Plan

So this Christmas we made some jam and marmalade, we gave these out as presents in an attempt to save money in this purse raping time of the year.

See below the Insta-jam post Jack created  (but really I stole his phone to take the photo because my phone is rubbish).


We made Raspberry and Rose water Jam which was the most god damn’ fragrant jam/thing ever. While busting my rosewater purchasing virginity, I soon found out that water extracted from roses is almost as valuable as gold bullion. If you divert your attention to the thimble sized bottle resting to the left of the hobs, that bottle cost me almost an hours worth of work.

However, if you had told me I could go home at 5 instead of 6, but I would be producing nothing more than your bog standard shop bought, raspberry jam, I would have turned down that offer.

Here is the recipe in case you had any interest in burning your arms with boiling hot sugar.

But we didn’t stop there, despite the odd scold, oh no. Then we side-stepped into the world of marmalade’s….

Now I’m not a fan of marmalade, I like my citruses to be sour enough to render my tongue a sore, smooth surfaced image of its former self.  This recipe was a tribute to my Granddad, and not because he’s more sweet than sour (LOL), but because he just really loves lime marmalade for some reason. I’ve never thought to ask why, I just accept it as one of his quirks.

Here is the recipe for the Lime Marmalade. I’m sure it was tasty, but I didn’t honestly try it.

The jars themselves were a Gumtree purchase from a lovely lady round the corner, Hove is one of those glorious places where every other person owns at least 17 french jam jars.

The stickers were a Jack Maynard original, designed on Photoshop and ordered online.


I hope for those of you who I cheaped out on with these preserves enjoyed them! Or will soon enjoy them when you have run out of other, far less questionable spreads!

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