Naked on Roller Skates

Don’t panic, this isn’t a post of my recent trip to the nudist roller disco – which was truly money well spent and I made some wonderful friends – but that’s a post for another day.

I was given a bottle of wine from Miss Foster for Christmas 15k, tonight I got to sample this wine after it getting lost amongst the dizzying pile of gifts enveloping our Christmas tree this year.

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Here is the bottle having it’s 15 minutes of fame (on a HIGH traffic website) and the outfit it came in. Very festive. Especially the naked lady.

Being the type to judge a book solely on it’s cover, this is right up my alley. I am already looking forward to sampling, and will probably enjoy it’s contents all the more for it.


Just to pre-warn you, if you are looking for a deeply analytical take on this wine, you are going to be disappointed.

The wine is produce of Some Young Punks. An Australian wine producer.

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The one Anne selected was a 2013 Shiraz. I don’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned to her that this is my favourite type of red, but she must have read my black stained lips. And I must have been drunk because I don’t remember.

In true Anne fashion, this wine is vegan friendly.  See below further details.


So now for my musings of what it actually tastes like…

It tastes a lot like red wine. And I like it.

Honestly all I can really say with some confidence is that I don’t like some red wine, I couldn’t really go into why I like some and don’t like others, but this is a really, really nice one. I’d buy it again and recommend it to anyone reading.

So if you are Daisy Kyle thats a pretty all encompassing review right there. You’re welcome.


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  1. You should definitely try the wine critic arena, Dayz. You’re a natural. And black-stained lips are all the rage.

    Looking forward to seeing how the light works once the bottle’s empty. xxx

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